Inventory management simplified

All you need to better control your inventory

A powerful and cohesive inventory management features

Inventory listing

View all your products in a single table allowing sorting and searching on any attribute such SKU, barcode or name.

Product details

Stock&Buy has a detailed view for each product where you can edit details such as images, SKU, barcode and variants details

Product Variants

Each product can have different variants. You have the option to create as many variations as you wish

Barcode scanning

Search and find products by barcode and create sales and purchase orders in no time. All standard barcode scanners are supported.

Stock on hand

Stock on hand is automatically tracked for all products and variants and is directly linked to orders and stock adjustments.

Stock adjustments

Adjust stocks levels for new products, returns, damages, and promotions. Multi-item stock adjustments are also supported.

Inventory Alert report

See all your products and variants that have fallen bellow the reorder point. Never run short of inventory anymore.

Due items report

View all items due within 7 days. These include items like due invoices, payments and shipments

Product import

Import your existing products from a CSV file or from all your connected sales channels with a couple of clicks.

Product Bundling (Kitting)

Group, package and supply products that are related as one unit. Purchase raw materials and assemble finished products.

Products with pending orders

In one report, see all the products that have a purchase order in progress.

Associate products to supplier

Easily assign a specific supplier to each product individually.

Ditch the spreadsheets, paper based and manual book keeping of your orders and inventory